Just a “Clip” and the shield is grounded

EMC means elctromagnetic compatibility at your fingertips.

Here are the 10 strengths of EMC cable glands.

> The spring clip guarantees that the screen is grounded.
>Protection up to IP68 and IP69K.
> Also in a multi-cable version.
> Generous clamping range.
Quick assembly.
Even contact with the screen.
Low transfer impedance.
> Strong cable blocking.
Even strength distribution.
> Also in a Tekima 360.

Direct Experience.
With our EMC cable glands we have measured a reduction in interference at the motor terminals of the industrial machinery of one of our important customers. The metal cable gland connects the shield of the power cable to the case and isolates disturbances resulting from the drive frequency modulator.

Noise level measured with standard cable glands:

Noise level measured with EMC cable glands:


Learn more about the technical aspects of the product,  download the technical data sheet.

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