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The new edition of the Company Profile is now available.

Tekima is an international business that grows and evolves together with the needs of the market. This led to the desire to use the new edition of the Company Profile to talk about a company history that, over the years, has been filled with innovation.

The changes introduced are leading Tekima towards an increasingly global outlook, encouraging the company to broaden its horizons with new offers and markets, while maintaining its traditional values, such as reliability and focus on collaborators, customers and suppliers.

Evidence of these commitments can be seen in:

  • The opening of the new branch in Singapore, to bring Tekima standards and services to customers in the Asia-Pacific area too;
  • Certification of the Management System in compliance with current standards and ISO 9001;
  • Product certifications in compliance with regulatory and technical requirements.

In addition to the offer of Tekima products, well-known and appreciated thanks to their quality, there are also services designed to be even closer to customer needs:

  • Contek: connectorized cables, tested and ready for installation;
  • Tekima 360: a kit of products developed to meet customer requirements and ready to be used;
  • Solvtek: the application designed for technical studies with the aim of providing a tool that simplifies the sizing and selection of conductors, cables, sheaths and pipes.

Tekima is also sharing and knowledge, which is why, every year, we open the doors of our conferences to customers, suppliers, designers and technicians.

Ambition, commitment and initiative have allowed the company to become the benchmark in the industrial automation sector, as proven by the new “References” section: companies that have chosen Tekima’s excellence to complete their ambitious projects.

Tekima’s dynamism knows no limits; that is why the company has been involved in several sports over the years, with its own team and with international athletes.

For further information, download the electronic version of the catalogue in the download area of the Tekima website.

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