Tekima in Asia-Pacific, new branch

One goal: serving you all over the world, with Tekima standard.

We are a global Company. 16 years of projects branded Tekima in USA, Canada, Germany.

We do not stop here. With the new branch in Singapore we guarantee our standards also to the customers in the Asia-Pacific area.

Today we talk about a historical event for Tekima.

One of those milestones along the path of expansion and development of an enterprise Italian by heart and origins, but international in terms of breath and ambitions, projects and objectives, but, above all, international in the standards of customer service and product quality .

We have already served and we do serve our customers worldwide every day.

What to expect then from Tekima Asia Pacific?

The Singapore branch is a step towards customers and projects in the Easter world, where the automation industry and Italian know-how find an open and fertile territory, able to welcome our technology and our solutions.

Our work is based on the quality.

Opening a branch means being able to be close to customers who are geographically more distant, guaranteeing them the principles and professional values ​​that have already made Tekima famous throughout the world.

Our Italian customers can expect a structure in Asia that can better support their projects and local staff for projects throughout Asia-Pacific.

Our new Asian customers have in Tekima the proposal of a high-level industrial partner for their projects of expansion and development.

The way is defined, and from today a path has been undertaken that will guarantee Tekima an even clearer and more defined international position as a global player.

The 2022 Tekima strategy begins.

Massimo Ceolaro and Alessandro Giovannini

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