Wiring and cabling systems, 2020 edition

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New products: Deray® ZoH125 heat shrinkable tubing in accordance with the railway standard EN 45545-2, Deray® Crimpseal II heat shrinkable connectors with adhesive lined tubing and integral solderless splice connector, and CCM and CCH heat shrinkable tubings for the protection and insulation of cable joints even in submersible installations.

The products are organized into families: cable ties for indoor and outdoor applications, single wall heat-shrinkable tubings, heat-shrinkable tubings with adhesive and for high temperature (Kynar, Teflon, Viton), heat shrinkable moulded shapes and non-shrinkable tubings for cables and pipes tying.

The appendix contains the guides for the choice of cable ties and heat shrinkable tubing, practical measurement method for heat shrinkable tubing, the comparison of the European and North American nomenclature of the cable lugs, cables’ bundle diameter calculation and more.

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