Catalogues and brochure

Company profile
You can find out everything in this brochure: products, organization, company philosophy, etc. (Edition D03.D – Dec 2019).

Industrial cables
The catalogue includes our range of cables, cable fittings and cable entry systems. The technical appendix contains useful information for product selection and product use (Edition C04.H – Apr 2020).

Wiring and cabling systems
This catalogue includes cable ties, heat shrinkable tubing, non-shrinkable tubing and tapes for sealing, insulation and bundling of cables and conduits (Edition C05.B – Apr 2015).

Field-installed components
Corrugated and reinforced conduits, rigid conduis, cable tray systems, fuses, lamps, plugs, receptacles and safety labels for field-installed applications (Edition C06.D – Dec 2019).

Safety labels
A complete collection of Caution, Warning, Danger and Notice safety labels in accordance with the ANSI standards and OSHA requirements, all certified UL 969 for USA and Canada (Edition C08.A – June 2019).

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